Ferry to Bimini Bahamas

Bimini Islands, The Bahamas


8 AM to 10 PM


Ferry to Bimini Bahamas

Your Gateway to Bahamian Bliss: All About the Ferry to Bimini

Bask in the turquoise waters, pristine beaches, and laid-back island vibes of Bimini, Bahamas. But how do you get there? Enter the ferry, your comfortable and convenient gateway to paradise.

Setting Sail from Florida:

Currently, the only ferry operator to Bimini is Balearia Caribbean. They offer two routes, both departing from Florida:

  • Fort Lauderdale Port Everglades : This is the most popular option, with a 2-hour crossing on their high-speed ferry, the Bahamas Express. Sailings operate 3 times a week (Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday).
  • Miami PortMiami : A seasonal route available during peak season (December to May), with a 3.5-hour journey on the Bimini Superfast.

Onboard Experience:

Balearia’s ferries offer a range of amenities to make your journey enjoyable:

  • Comfy seating: Choose from economy, premium, or VIP options, with reclining seats and ample legroom.
  • Dining: Enjoy delicious meals and snacks at the onboard restaurants and cafes.
  • Duty-free shopping: Browse a selection of tax-free goodies before arriving in Bimini.
  • Entertainment: Stay entertained with movies, music, and even a casino on the Bahamas Express.

What to Expect in Bimini:

Bimini is a small island chain known for its stunning natural beauty, exciting water sports, and relaxed atmosphere. Here are some highlights:

  • Beaches: Lounge on the pristine sands of South Bimini Beach or Honeymoon Harbour Beach.
  • Diving and snorkeling: Explore vibrant coral reefs teeming with colorful marine life.
  • Fishing: Cast a line for marlin, tuna, and other game fish.
  • Casinos: Try your luck at Resorts World Bimini’s casino complex.
  • Dolphin encounters: Swim with playful dolphins in their natural habitat.

Planning Your Trip:

Ready to book your ferry adventure? Here are some tips:

  • Book in advance: Especially during peak season, ferries can fill up quickly.
  • Consider your budget: Prices vary depending on the season, day of the week, and chosen seating.
  • Pack for the weather: Bimini enjoys warm sunshine year-round, so pack light and bring swimwear and sunscreen.
  • Check immigration requirements: Ensure you have the necessary travel documents for entering the Bahamas.

Ferry travel to Bimini is a hassle-free and scenic way to reach this Bahamian gem. So, set sail, soak up the island vibes, and create unforgettable memories in paradise!

Additional Tips:

  • For the latest schedules and prices, visit the Balearia Caribbean website: bahamashuttleboat.com booking
  • Consider booking a package deal that includes your ferry ticket and accommodation in Bimini.
  • Research activities and attractions that interest you before you go.
  • Relax, unwind, and enjoy your Bahamian escape!

I hope this information helps you plan your perfect ferry trip to Bimini!

m.bahamashuttleboat.com or call 954-969-0069

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